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G T Embalming Service Ltd

A Professional Embalming Service for the Funeral Industry

G T Embalming Service Ltd. is one of the largest embalming services in the funeral industry.

Our team is highly motivated and dedicated to providing all aspects of embalming services to our clients.

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Our Services

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Biohazard Embalming

We have specialists in Biohazard Embalming, as well as solutions to cases that possibly cannot be embalmed but still may wish to be viewed

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Reconstruction Embalming

we specialise in all forms of reconstruction, including complex cases

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Repatriation Embalming

We provide repatriation services to and from the UK from all parts of the world

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Formaldehyde Testing

We offer our funeral clients periodic testing of formaldehyde gas levels present in their embalming rooms

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Insurance Coverage

Professional Indemnity Insurance covering all cases, except those being repatriated to the USA and Canada.

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We specialise in removal or venting of all types of implants and stimulators

For more information on the services above, please call us on 01273 693772 or use the contact form below